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Welcome to take guitar lessons online for
Samuel Edvardsson. Samuel is a Swedish classical guitarist with 20 years of experience from both teaching and freelancing as a classical guitarist, with concerts and tours all through Sweden,
in Germany, Switzerland and Brazil. 

Samuel has put together his own teaching material in accordance with a method that allows the student
to learn how to play from the score with
a good technique right from the start.

For reference, see Samuel and some
of his students play here.

Samuel primarily uses the Skype software. The first lesson is a trial lesson, included in the 12 lessons, to test the technique and make sure the format suits you as a student. When you turn up for the second lesson you start paying for the course.


1 lesson (20 minutes)
16 euros

1 lesson (30 minutes)
24 euros

Payment via Paypal, additional information
given when you contact me to book a lesson.


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